19 Jan 2016

At Lypiatt Landscapes we have plenty of experience maintaining grounds specifically open to the public and our team managed the 60 acre grounds at Prescott Hill climb for over 6 years for the Bugatti Owners Club. We know how important it is for owners and managers of commercial properties to use a reliable landscape maintenance service, and in this blog we will describe some of the benefits of doing so.

Save money in the long term

The idea of spending money to save money might seem counter-intuitive, but any seasoned property owner will tell you that it’s better not to learn this the hard way. If a boiler is left unserviced and then floods- causing damage to other parts of your property- you could end up spending more money than if you had paid to have it serviced once a year. If you never have your carpets or hard floors professionally cleaned, you might end up having to replace them at great cost earlier than you would have otherwise.

The same logic applies to landscaping. By securing a high-quality landscape maintenance team to landscape your gardens and trees and care for your lawn, you reduce future landscape expenses by keeping your property in good condition all year long. A healthy and vibrant property means that you are less likely to have to pay for costly removal and replacement due to dead grass, unkempt and overgrown landscape gardens, and untrimmed and unstable trees. An expert can identify any potential problems like this before they become costly and disruptive.

Protect property values

Commercial landscape maintenance can increase the value of your property, and at the very least it will help to protect it. Protecting the value of your assets is hugely important for anyone involved in business, and since the property market isn’t something any one person can have much influence over, you want to do what you can to protect your investments.

Improve the perceptions of your business

In the same way that having well maintained lawns and gardens will have a positive impact on property values, it will also be aesthetically pleasing to every client who visits your business or commercial venue, and will even improve the morale of your workforce. Everyone wants a pleasant environment to work in- you wouldn’t try to save money by not cleaning the inside of your business, so why would you let the exterior fall into disrepair?

Ensure you have more time to run your business

Commercial property owners and property managers have more time to spend on other business priorities when they have regularly scheduled landscape maintenance carried out by a competent team. Ongoing maintenance plans will give you peace of mind that you have landscape, tree and lawn experts who can handle the job with skill and efficiency. Delegating work like this is a crucial part of running your own business.

So, if you run a business or own property in Gloucestershire, Lypiatt Landscapes are the answer to your landscape maintenance requirements. Please get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team on 01453 277 001 today.